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Want to know more about us? Though it's not really in our nature to talk about ourselves (we're kind of the shy, quiet type), we thought it would be best to share a little bit about how our little company got started and why you should go with us for your next construction, concrete, or custom home project.

We can't guarantee you'll be emotionally moved by our story, or be compelled to share our amazing journey with all of your friends on Facebook (if you do, you can do that here), but we'll at least try to entertain you with the high points of how JWL Construction came to be. Here we go...

Starting Out Is Always About Learning

JWL Construction started in 2002. Josh, the "git-er-done guy," was in the military, while Shawn, the "big picture/planner guy," was making his way through college. Starting out, we worked mostly on smaller construction and concrete projects. We worked as subcontractors for other builders on larger custom home projects and gained a lot of experience – not only about building, but about running a solid construction business.

We quickly learned that what customers really want is not always what they say they want...they usually need some guidance and help in choosing colors and styles to fit their needs and wants. We also learned that the wife usually makes the decisions. (Sorry guys... it just seems to work out that way.) Knowing that, we're able to listen carefully and provide ideas so that everyone gets what they want.

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Building a Name for Ourselves

After breaking out on our own and lining up our own projects, JWL Construction flourished. The Little-Company-That-Was became the Still-Little-Company that was kicking ass! Over the next several years, we worked on a lot of different projects including siding, windows, remodeling, additions, garages, decks, patios, custom homes, decorative concrete, and light commercial projects.

Along this journey, people loved what we were doing with stamped, colored, and stained concrete. Our experience with the products and knowledge of how to make it high-end and functional really caught people's attention. Concrete became a large part of our business.

Today, we do more custom home building and continue to expand our services. Please feel free to contact us if you have a need for a contractor or builder. We're always happy to provide a quote for any project!

What's Your Question?

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