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As you start thinking about your next project, you'll likely have lots of questions. We're here to answer them! Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below. We're sure you'll find some very helpful information.

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If you have a question about building a new home, how we bid, or what patterns are available for stamped concrete, you're probably not the only one. If you don't see your question here, please contact us and we'll add it to the website. We keep adding to this page to make it a great resource for you, or for anyone looking to hire a contractor.

How often should I seal my concrete?

Depending on traffic, every 2-5 years. If you're sealing decorative concrete, be sure to use the type of sealer that corresponds with the look you like best. There are several types from dull, matte finishes to high gloss finishes.

Will the use of a snowblower affect my concrete?

Typically with plain broom finished concrete it will not hurt it. We do recommend raising the skid plate of your snowblower if you have a rougher finish or stamped, decorative concrete. A smaller, 2-stage blower with rubber paddles as opposed to blades is ideal for stamped concrete, and will minimize the chances for any damage to the surface.

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